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Accurate Eyeliner

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Finishing eye makeup or accenting the bare eye using the eyeliner is often considered essential. We would be surprised at how much of a difference adding a touch of black eyeliner on the lower rim of your eye can be. There are many different types of liner like gel to kohl to liquid to pencil–and nearly infinite shades, texture and colors that vary from brand to brand. Pencil liners are similar to both kohl and gel liners, but they might seem a bit “wetter” and more movable. Liquid liner on the other hand is just what it says; liquid color that is applied using either a separate brush or with an included applicator. One of the biggest differences between liquid and other forms of liner are that liquid liners can allow for stronger color, often have longer staying power, and more precision.

Eyeliner Tips


I used to dread applying eyeliner. No, really. It�s not a joke when your hand tends to shake and trust me when I say I never wanted to have my eye poked even accidentally. Good thing I was able to scrounge up these tips so I don�t have to be scared of blinding myself:

Try placing a mirror flat on the table since it�s a lot easier to apply eyeliner looking down.

Try eyeliner pencil instead of liquid eyeliner if you�re not that confident with the latter.

Instead of drawing one line over your eye line, you can draw a few dots first and connect them afterwards. Smudge a bit with a brush to smoothen the more jagged edges.

Sharpen your eyeliner pencil before application to make sure it�s clean. Then rub the tip on the skin of your hand first so it won�t be too sharp when you finally apply it.