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Autumn Screams

After years of neutral chic, this autumn screams sophistication with a capital S, with strong shades of pink, gold, grey, black, plum and red, and sophisticated beauty mixed with a rock’n'roll feel.
Dark, captivating and mysterious, black is this season’s colour.

Smoky eyes combined with a flawless complexion and shiny lips create a sophisticated rock look.
Dramatic black is powerfully glam, and though easy to use it does precise application and some carefully chosen shades of grey to soften it. Bring out your dark side!

This year, the focus is on darker shades of red than classic lippy shades: aubergine, cherry, crimson and copper, and at the other end of the colour spectrum, candy pink is also in.

Textures are swinging between ulta matte and super shiny. The only rule is whichever you go for, don’t do it by halves! And make sure your application technique is up to scratch as these bold colours don’t leave much room for error…

Matching colors


Sometimes matching colors is not as difficult as it seems. When it comes to make-up, the rule is quite simple. No matter what color of clothes you are wearing, always try to match the colors of your make-up with your skin tone and the occasion. If you are a bit confused, settle for colors in neutral shades such as soft pink, peach, and brown as they will complement most skin colors while giving off a natural look. Also remember that light make-up should be worn during the day heavy and more dramatic colors in the evening.

Make-up for the redhead


Red hair and fair skin (not to mention the freckles) is what we consider the classic redhead coloring. No worries here if you are a little doubtful on the right make-up color for you. Start with sheer (and I mean sheer) foundation. Do not cover your freckles! They add allure and character to your features. If you are a little apprehensive about them, the sheer foundation will even out your complexion without flaunting your freckles.

For eye shadow, blush, and lipstick, make use of neutral gold, tan, camel, and brown based colors. But do not restrict yourself to these hues. Experiment and you may find that more dramatic colors (yes, even the most vibrant of red) can actually work with your coloring.

For mascara, refrain from using black and stick to brown. Black can be too harsh on fair skin.

Natural make-up for dusky skin


Having a dark complexion is no reason to stop you from experimenting with colors. But if you really want to go for a more natural yet classy look, warm and earthy colors such as gold, bronze and maroon are the right tones for you.

Matte-finished lipsticks in medium shades are a better choice than frosted ones. If you have dark lips, put foundation or powder first before applying color. It not only makes your lips lighter, it also makes the lipstick stay longer!

For blush-ons, try hues of peach as they complement dusky complexion better by giving it warm glow.