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Cheek-hues are quite popular with the younger crowd as they are not fussy and they look natural on skin as they merely “tint” the cheeks. I may not be in my teens but I use cheek-hues for no-nonsense day-to-day wear. I want to look good all the time so even if I were to go out on simple errands such as taking the dog out for a walk, or if I drive myself off to the grocery, I dab my cheeks with cheek-hue and swipe my lips with gloss and voila – a fresh, no-fuss, youthful look!

What Blush to Use?

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We often ask what kind of blush to buy or what we should use during the right time of the day. There are many different types but the 5 main types we can choose from and know when to use it, day or night.

For all skin types and best for oily skin is Powder blush. It is the densest blusher and long-lasting color; The Cream Blush is the type best applied with fingers. It is particularly suited for dry skin because of its rich moisturizing ingredients. For a sheer glow, the Gel blush work best on oily to normal skin and are not hard to spread since they are fast-drying. Tint Blush is fast drying like the gel blush. It can look streaky over foundation if not blended well into face. Once it’s set it won’t budge until you wash your face. Gleam bush are best for night time. It is great for giving a light gleam to your cheekbones and accentuates them.

Wonder Bronzer


If you want to have a golden sun-kissed glow look without baking yourself under the merciless sun, then using a bronzer might work for you. Summer tan is an IN thing these days, with even celebrities going for

In order to achieve the healthy tan look, it is important to learn the basics of using your bronzing product correctly for it to appear natural. Remember to use the bronzer on your face where the sun would naturally shine on it. You wouldn’t want to have a dark brown mask over your face if applied the wrong way. To make it appear more natural apply also a little of the bronzer on the neck and chest area to match the bronze glow on your face.

A natural and simple look is the key in having the kind of tan you always wanted.



The perfect way of handling blush-ons is to make sure it looks natural on the skin. Instead of adding garish red spots on your cheeks, why not opt for colors that would suggest a warm glow to your skin? Blush is like foundation, it is meant as base make-up so apply it before you do your eye make-up and your lipstick. Apply make-up in a well-lit room so you will be able to see how much blush you are putting on. But to be on the safe side, about three to four brush strokes per cheek ought to do it.

Autumn Screams

After years of neutral chic, this autumn screams sophistication with a capital S, with strong shades of pink, gold, grey, black, plum and red, and sophisticated beauty mixed with a rock’n'roll feel.
Dark, captivating and mysterious, black is this season’s colour.

Smoky eyes combined with a flawless complexion and shiny lips create a sophisticated rock look.
Dramatic black is powerfully glam, and though easy to use it does precise application and some carefully chosen shades of grey to soften it. Bring out your dark side!

This year, the focus is on darker shades of red than classic lippy shades: aubergine, cherry, crimson and copper, and at the other end of the colour spectrum, candy pink is also in.

Textures are swinging between ulta matte and super shiny. The only rule is whichever you go for, don’t do it by halves! And make sure your application technique is up to scratch as these bold colours don’t leave much room for error…

How to apply blusher


This is a bit trickier, as there are lots of “schools” on how to apply your favorite blush-on. The worst you can do is to look like a china doll, or have a sun-burnt look. Anyway, this is the tip that I adhere to anyway. Determine where the bottom of your cheekbone is. Apply your blusher on that particular area in very light, circular motions. The idea here is to dust your cheeks with some color, making it look as natural as possible. Use a large soft brush for this. Take note that you apply at the exact bottom of your cheekbone and not below. Be careful also not to go beyond the center of your eyes.