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Mally Beauty

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Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez have such a delicious golden tan and Beyonce and Mariah Carey’s honey toned look? You’ll be surprised to know that the person behind that famous glow is a Filipina. Mally Roncal, one of Hollywood’s top make-up artists is the founder of Mally Beauty that is slowly making its mark as one of the sought after names in beauty. It is all about artist tricks and high-performance products that help hard working women look red-carpet ready! It is a put together ready-to-go kit to speed up the makeup application without sacrificing that gorgeous look. The popular Shimmer Shape and Glow palette was designed to make you look like you had a facelift, lost five pounds, and just had a romantic evening in just one kit. Her other products are the Smokey Eye kit, Light Wand and Cancellation Concealer.

The tips she imparts and some advice is always start with a great foundation. For brown skin like Filipinas always go for a yellow-based concealer, foundation and powder. Curl your lashes and wear mascara for this really enhances the almond-shaped eye. Always wear a little blush to bring life to the skin and lipgloss it’s a must! Don’t forget to frame your face by defining your brows this is essential. Now, you can look and feel like a star!